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The current ABN AMRO NV is part of the ABN AMRO Holding NV. It consists of the Dutch State acquired businesses of the 'old' ABN AMRO that were acquired by a consortium, RFS Holdings BV, in October 2007. The RBS acquired businesses have been renamed into Royal Bank of Scotland NV. The separation of ABN AMRO NV from ABN AMRO Holding NV is planned for 30 March 2010 at which point, ABN AMRO NV will become an independent, separately capitalised and regulated bank under the supervision of the Dutch central bank (DNB).

With a rich history dating back to 1824, ABN AMRO is a highly respected and stable banking partner for retail, private, commercial, corporate and financial institution clients. We are proud of our heritage and excited by our potential, with a constant aim to help our customers conduct their business more effectively. In recent years, ABN AMRO has been through a variety of changes from which it has emerged strong and reinvigorated - a trusted banking partner for the new world.

At the end of the third quarter of 2009, the total assets of the ABN AMRO amounted to EUR 203 bln. With an international presence in 16 countries and territories, this 'new' ABN AMRO employs about 22,300 people, of which 3,000 are outside the Netherlands. The Dutch State-owned business serves over 4 million retail clients and more than 370,000 business clients. We offer a broad range of products and services via a diversity of channels like bankshops, business centres, call centres and internet.

Looking further ahead, ABN AMRO and Fortis Nederland are in the process of being merged into a single organisation. The new bank will possess financial strength, product breadth, depth of client base and international reach across more than 30 countries and territories, positioning the bank ideally to service the needs of financial institutions and corporations of all sizes and ambitions, both within the Netherlands and beyond.

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  • Derivatives
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  • Praca Dyrektor Łódź,
  • Praca Doradca Gdańsk
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